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While we at Advanced Restorations love a good deal as much as anyone, we are required by Missouri law (see attached Senate Bill 101) to collect your deductible in full. Keep in mind, many homeowners have smaller repair items included in their claim that may not need to be completed – the ACV funds allowed for that repair can be applied to your deductible balance.

Really? The other guy mentioned he would waive my deductible…
In our experience, many companies offering to waive or “cover” your deductible amount will make up that loss of funds in other areas. Often, it’s the quality of materials used or the quality of work they apply.

As your general contractor, we agree to perform repairs at your property during an ongoing insurance claim knowing full well that we will essentially be financing a large portion of your repairs until the claim has been finalized (paying material suppliers, sub-contractors, permitting, etc). However, we do need to be sure that when scheduling the start of repairs a deposit payment is available. Typically, that deposit is equal to 50% of the contracted amount or the ACV funds initially released by your insurance carrier along with your deductible amount.

In an ideal world, any project we take on would be completed in a short number of weeks but realistically, any number of things can factor into the length of the project’s completion. There may be approvals needed from your insurance carrier, materials may be delayed in arriving to our area, and a mortgage company may require significant qualifications in order to release initial funds to begin the repairs. Throughout your project, your Field Supervisor will be communicating with you to give you a timeframe for all aspects as we move forward.

We strive for great customer service during any project we take on and if you feel you haven’t received the level of communication you deserve, please be sure to contact our main office.
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Thankfully, you have the option to choose your own contractor for repairs to your property. From time to time, some insurance carriers may tell you that they know dozens of companies that will do the work for what the insurance carrier has estimated – Advanced Restorations estimates and completes all work to not only local building code but also to manufacturer specifications. Why would your insurance carrier ever have an issue with the repairs being completed correctly?

As the policy holder in this scenario, you ultimately have the last say in how all this process will be completed. As your contractor, we can provide you information on the construction aspect of your repairs and provide an estimate that accounts for those items but only you can hold your insurance carrier accountable. Unfortunately, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” often holds true in claim related repairs. If your insurance carrier has not provided you with adequate reasoning behind their decisions, best practice is to contact them to make them aware you’re not accepting their determination.