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Jan. 22, 2022
Why Attic Ventilation is SO Important
There are numerous reasons that an attic needs to have proper ventilation ranging from minimizing moisture and preventing mold to protecting the life of the roofing system.  The detrimental effects of improper or inadequate attic ventilation can be both unattractive and structurally compromising over time, so it is paramount that homeowners understand the importance of proper attic ventilation.  Inadequate attic ventilation can lead to warped roof decks, premature
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Dec. 03, 2021
What to Expect During a Home Insurance Repair Claim
As a general contractor, there isn’t really much that Advanced Restorations can do in the way of helping homeowners through an insurance claims process.  In the entire process, we are a third party and are strictly limited in what we can and cannot discuss with a homeowner and with their insurance company. Missouri, as do most states, has legislation in place to dictate
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Nov. 14, 2021
Vinyl Siding Maintenance and Cleaning
We often have homeowners call to ask us about the best way to care for their existing vinyl siding. Typically, homeowners will see a build-up of algae or grime/dirt on their vinyl siding over time. While this doesn’t typically impact the functionality of the siding, it can be an eyesore to homeowners and it’s natural to want solutions to that problem. While
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Nov. 14, 2021
COVID Impacts on the Construction Industry
We’re sure that most people are experiencing the same fatigue around the topic of Covid-19 by this time and the staff at Advanced Restorations are no different. However, Covid-19 presented some unforeseen problems in the construction industry, many that are still present today and are worth discussing. As the pandemic started and many areas were going into some form of “lockdown”,
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Sep. 24, 2021
To Enforce or Not Enforce – Building Codes
Outside of extremely rural areas, many cities and counties choose to adopt sets of building codes to be applied in their given jurisdiction.  In most cases, this involves the use of the International Residential Code and the largest variation will be upon which edition has been adopted – the IRC is typically updated about every three years so a person could see editions from