Vinyl Siding Maintenance and Cleaning

We often have homeowners call to ask us about the best way to care for their existing vinyl siding. Typically, homeowners will see a build-up of algae or grime/dirt on their vinyl siding over time. While this doesn’t typically impact the functionality of the siding, it can be an eyesore to homeowners and it’s natural to want solutions to that problem.

While Advanced Restorations is great at installing vinyl siding products, we won’t pretend to be the subject matter expert on upkeep with the products. However, there are some simple things we tend to follow for our own personal properties and we’ve decided to share those here.

After a weather event (be it a Summer storm or a Winter freeze) it’s a good idea to review your property as a whole. During a walk-around, look for any holes that were not present in the vinyl siding prior to that event and keep an eye out for any siding that has come loose from it’s nailed position.

If you’re noticing holes or siding that has pulled loose, your best bet is to call a professional out to assess the issues – they can help steer you in the best direction for how to move forward with repairs.

If your siding is relatively new, it is possible to use a power washer to help in this process. You’ll want to be sure you have adjustable pressure settings and you’ll need to start on the lowest setting possible. As vinyl siding ages and has more and more exposure to the sun, the product will naturally begin to brittle. If the average homeowner began blasting their existing siding with high-pressure water, you will likely cause damages to the siding instead of cleaning it.

If your siding is aged, you’ll be better off hand washing the siding versus using any kind of pressurized spray. This is definitely more time consuming but its also the method that is less likely to cause damage issues. Many homeowners have success using some of the same products used when washing a vehicle at home – be it a soft-bristle brush or the larger “mitts” used for scrubbing.

In either case, you’ll want to use a gentle cleaning product (simple dish soap and water is highly recommended). Some hardware stores will also sell products marketed directly at cleaning vinyl products. At all cost, avoid strong products like bleach as the chemical nature may cause color issues with the existing siding.

Many homeowners want to go the route of painting their vinyl siding as it can provide a new look to the home and help to cover up any cosmetic issues that may have come along with the aging of the material. However, if you choose to go this route, you’ll want to identify the siding product you have installed and reach out to the manufacturer for guidance. Many companies that offer vinyl siding products will void any material warranties if the end user decides to apply paint to the product.

One final item to keep in mind – when the age of your existing siding gets to a certain point, there is no level of cleaning or upkeep that are going to restore that product to a great state. Eventually, replacement of that siding product is going to be the only option that will visually solve any of the issues that aged siding present.

If you’re interested in pursuing replacement of your existing siding, contact our office today at (417) 229-0667 and one of our talented Field Supervisors will schedule time to review your issues!