What to Expect During a Home Insurance Repair Claim

As a general contractor, there isn’t really much that Advanced Restorations can do in the way of helping homeowners through an insurance claims process.  In the entire process, we are a third party and are strictly limited in what we can and cannot discuss with a homeowner and with their insurance company.

Missouri, as do most states, has legislation in place to dictate those limits for contractors completing the repairs.  What it essentially comes down to is this:  Advanced Restorations, as the general contractor, is able to discuss the method of repair for a damaged property.  We can discuss the best way to move forward with an issue (what materials should be used, why they should be used, and how best to install them).  When it comes to finalizing a price for those repairs with your insurance carrier, that is only something you as the policy holder/homeowner can do.

Advanced Restorations will be able to provide you with all the necessary documentation to explain why your repairs need to be completed in a specific manner – this will include any locally adopted codes as well as relevant manufacturer specifications.

With that being said, while we can’t be involved too deeply in that process, we can definitely point you in the direction of some great resources that may help you along the way.

To understand why your construction company can’t negotiate a claim price with your insurance carrier, you’ll want to review Missouri Statute §407.725(6) at the link provided below:

Missouri Statute §407.725(6)

To understand how the state of Missouri expects you as the homeowner to be treated during claims process, you’ll want to review the state’s Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act at the link provided below:

Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Act

We also suggest involving your insurance agent (if applicable) in the process.  Many times, agents are able to help communicate with your claims team and may have an easier job of getting timely responses to your questions.

If you’re entering the home insurance claims process and you’re in need of a quality contractor to help you through the construction aspect, call our office today at (417) 229-0667 today!  One of our dedicated Field Supervisors will schedule time to perform an inspection and help put together the best plan for your repairs!