How to Be Aware of Storm Chasing Roof Contractors

Any time there has been a recent hail storm be on the lookout for Storm Chasing Roof Contractors. We have received many reports from past clients that many new contractors have come from out of town knocking on doors. First of all, we want to let you know just because a contractor knocks on your door, it does not mean that they are a bad company. Many great local companies go out and knock on doors after a hail storm, which is why it is important to keep in the mind the following when answering the door to determine if they are a contractor you want to work with:

1. Are they Local?

What homeowners need to be aware of are the businesses that come from out of town. Oftentimes these out of town contractors only stay around after an immediate storm. With their short term availability oftentimes they leave town before fulfilling a contract and are unable to guarantee warranties or be available for small repairs when needed in the future. Storm Chasers have also been known to create more damage on roofs when inspecting due to lack of knowledge when it comes to identifying damage in your area.

2. Are they Credible with Good Reviews?

Homeowners should be aware of Storm Chasers because they often have less credibility and licensing for their work. Always look into every Roofing Contractor before choosing to work with them and check to make sure they have good reviews along with being credited with BBB.

3. See an Estimate Before Signing a Contract

Always ask for an estimate before signing a contract. Oftentimes Storm Chasers will be weary of providing estimates until you have signed a contract with them. Make sure you have established the company is local and credible then take time to look over all paperwork before signing with any contractor.

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