Top Four Signs that it is Time for New Vinyl Siding

Quality siding is an important aspect of any home’s health and provides protection from the outside elements. With constant exposure to the sun, rain, snow, pests, falling tree limbs and erosion with time, your home most likely has experienced some of these common siding issues already.

When it comes to siding, the top four issues to be on the lookout for are:

1) Is there evidence of rotting along the siding?

Rotting often occurs when water flows behind the siding panels causing moisture to develop leading to the growth of various fungi.

2) Are there indicators of moisture on the interior of the home?

When moisture starts to develop behind the siding panels, the interior wall can start to absorb the moisture as well, leading to issues like cracking on the interior walls.

3) Does the siding have noticeable signs of damage along the siding panels?

Noticeable signs could be loose, cracked, warped, or buckling siding panels. Another clear sign of damage is if there are any noticeable holes in the siding, as these can lead to larger issues such as interior moisture damage mentioned above.

4) Has there been a rise in your heating and cooling utility bills?

The siding of your home serves as an important barrier of all external forces of nature that affect the temperature of your home. Factors like wind, sun rays, temperature and moisture can have an affect on the temperature of your home. When any of the above issues are present on your siding, it can be easy for hot and cold weather to flow into the interior of your home causing uncomfortable living and rises in utility bills.

If you notice any of the above issues, it may be time to get your vinyl siding replaced on your home.

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